Efflorescence Drips??

Noticed these salty powdery lines on most window corners and one at a midwall area. I have seen efflorescence before but not in a line as if it was a leaking drip that formed this way. Dry at time of inspection during rain storm.

Looks like crack repairs…

Did You break one open I wonder could it be Termite tubes ???

Was white and powdery?

Not termite tubes. White salty material. Just imagine a glob of efflorescence. I rubbed it and it came off wall but i didnt wipe it all away to see if crack underneath. Wish i did now. Possibly some sort of crack filler , never seen salty white product before

Very white , not so much a powder but a very fine crystal like

Sounds like efflorescence.

Im thinking repairs to prior cracks that are giving away and allowing moisture thru causing these exact linear efflorescence. Never seen this before like this

Looks to me like you may have a bad lot grade.
Were those all on the same side of the wall ?

The windows look to be almost at grade from that angle. old single pane wood frame an large gaps ]
Based on the pictures it also looks like a rotted or bowed sill plate in the shot.

Yes the windows are at grade. Recommended window wells and covers. Vinyl windows replacement with wood frame in good condition.
Ive seen many if cracks at windows with poured concrete but just never the formation of efflorescence being so specific to the crack. Guess its a repaired crack that is so slightly leaking moisture and crystals forming slowly

Correction - yes they are wood windows in the photo i shared. Others are vinyl

Recommend regrading and a exposed foundation wall.Was that sill plate warped ?
Obviously lots of water intrusion .
Bet it looks wet after rainfall.

whether the source is vapor transmission or actual moisture intrusion
efflorescence can be a damaging occurrence in masonry & concrete applications and should always be noted as a deficiency in inspection reports with documentation to aid the client

for those that couldn’t spell or even knew what efflorescence is a few years back & today…here’s the skinny

implication of T-tubes is laughable based on pix

You never saw 6 inch termites Barry?

loooooooooooooooool, the grade huh? looooooooooooooool

The white substance you see on the wall is from a crack filler. The stuff expands in the crack and fills it in. The residual is exactly what I saw when we used it ten years ago to fix a basement. We dug out the exterior and used the product on the exterior before the water proofing. Then used it on the interior as well. No idea what is was called though. We were able to wipe off the excess with our hands before reframing the basement.

I have researched it and still cant find a product that causes that salt like substance. Its definitely a patch job but that ‘efflorescence’ type stuff is bugging me. Maybe it is a certain type crack filler by product as you say but I wish i could say what it was. Never saw it before like that. Thanx for info