EFFLORESCENCE leaky basement several areas, why? Exterior cracks n other ext-openings

inside basement,all the leaky areas had/have efflorescence on walls, some worse than others.

homeowner had the grade RAISED in the front, on both sides of porch lol
they also tarred/caulked along perimeter of driveway-house… did that crap work? Did it keep water out?
Did it fix, repair, waterproof anything? Nope, never does.

Now a few exterior videos of the actual problems where water, salts were getting in - installing interior drainage systems and sump pump does not ever fix, repair, waterproof these problems nor does it STOP water from entering what ya see OPEN on the outside

this video is the outside of the above efflorescence video

other side of front porch, horizontal crack and couple vertical cracks and corner crack and a hole in block wall under gas line AND check out gaps under new windows/trim

Back wall

part of driveway side, note deteriorated mortar

interior basement drainage systems are scams

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