Egress Window in basemet

I moved to Utah from CA, rented a 2 Bedroom home sight unseen, using only Photos the Landlord sent me.
When I arrived, with occupancy on the 1st of the month the unit was not ready. I moved in on the 3 rd day but the home was still incomplete and I had workers in and out every day until the 15 th. Most shocking was that the 2ld bedroom is in the basement and has no means of escape in an emergency. I was NEVER told it was a basement bedroom only that it was a 2 bedroom unit. The furnace sits squarely in the center of the basement with no fireproofing. I cannot let my daughter sleep down there. They have been telling me that an egress window will be installed but this keeps getting pushed back, meanwhile my daughter and I share a room and am paying for a 2 bedroom home. Ive also notified them the all but 2 windows in the house are sealed shut with caulking. They have said from the beginning that they will be replacing the windows. Once again not done. I have signed a one year lease. What are my options? without these thins being one the house is unsafe.

Get code enforcement on your side and record everything from the landlord !