Egress Window Open

I called out a bedroom which had one double hung window. The window did not stay open and I am getting push back from the realtor and want to cite a source that says the window needs to stay open. Can anyone lead me in the right direction?

Why are you arguing with a realtor? is this realtor your client?

Staying open is not an egress window requirement. Why did you not simply call it out as malfunctioning window and a safety concern because it can fall abruptly and either become damaged and or cause personal injury?

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I wouldn’t say we are arguing they just asked a question. The reason they contacted me is I am also a Certified Residential Appraiser and this particular job was for an appraisal. I thought the forum would be a good resource.

The forum is a great resource. It says you’re a CMI, what does that mean?

Certified Master Inspector

I always call them out. Open the window, stick your head out…guillotine effect. Not fun.

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My choice, too, Simon…

Broken balance rod

You can write it up under IRC R310.1 and the window is not fully operable as intended by the manufacturer. It would take at least one hand to hold the window when it may take both to exit it.

Now I have a question for you and it is not intended to be a lead in but an honest question. With all the crap and changes to the appraisal rules since the crash just how deep are Appraisers getting into actual property condition assessment that goes beyond items that would devalue the home? Is there a nationally/federally required set of standards they are using for these condition assessments?

The HUD 4000.1 handbook is the most common but it applies to only federally backed loans (FHA, Rural Development). But many appraisers go beyond the standard and require repairs on items that I feel are outside the bounds of the appraisal industry. In general there are 6 levels of condition C1 - brand new to C6 - not habitable. Each designation has specific guidelines relating to the condition rating the appraiser assigns. My personal opinion is a lot of appraisers think they are home inspectors and for that reason I work hard to remember which hat I am wearing.