Imagine getting out of this window (hopper) in an emergency…


In all bedrooms (about 4 feet off the floor)


How does that sort of thing get a Certificate of Occupancy when the house is built?

I see them around here now and then, and it baffles me.

No one thought of it in 1952.

Exactly, and today, Fireman wear Air Packs when entering a building.:smiley:

Ever wonder why axes where carried?

Hey Rick,

I had inspected a house from the fifties with the same window design concept. The entire house minus the family room had casement windows in the bedrooms that you could not escape from. High off the floors and small in size casement Could have been popular then to do that. :smiley:

The Second floor bedrooms made it even more of a challenge with emergency escape. I guess the FONZ did not have a problem with it…:smiley:

Were there at least one window in each room that were to code?

Nope. Fixed pane above (small) hopper throughout the house.

That’ll be a costly upgrade.

Yeah, client planned on new windows even before I got there- these were single pane, metal frame.