Eh ah Steve Rumble, Now Dry....

If your out there, what happened to this company?
Bullseye Basement Technologies
What happens to those supposed lifetime guarantees on interior work you did for any homeowners when you apparently owned this joint? :-k
FAQ #1…click for bulshtt answer…Why is it better to fix on the inside instead of the outside?

This your NEWBIE company? Now Dry waterproofing system. …poly drain huh :mrgreen:
Too much one could tear apart here but um,
1:30 he says, pretty typical situation for block walls/house. YES it is and the TYPICAL, usual problems are on the outside and so to are the actual waterproofing SOLUTIONS.
1:45 talks about their jagged edge in concrete versus those inside co’s who saw cut, says his way is better as a jagged edge gives a better bond, LOolllOlOll.

Video installation, poly junk…
Same old buslhttt. The water is STILL entering the blocks because you didn’t know, or want to fix/waterproof the actual problems on the outside…then, as usual these inside system bubbleheads either cover part–all of the basement wall w/some sort of paneling/fiberglass sht etc OR they know the homeowner is going to put up drywall etc, no one will see further efflorescence or mold or possible crack(s) etc.

Interior system was installed here too…
The interior system didn’t stop the water from where it was and…STILL is, entering. Nor did it reduce any lateral pressure, tree roots etc hence, more efflorescence and mold on walls and some cracks widening.

Steve, if your Bullseye Co failed, just say so. Maybe it failed for good reasons and, maybe not.

See the picas photos, huh?

How about this…deteriorating blocks, mortar joints
Steve, don’t you care about what CAUSED the crack, cracked parging etc which subsequently allowed water to begin to enter the basement? #-o
Don’t think cracks can’t WIDEN?
How about what caused a bowed wall or deteriorating blocks? Don’t care?
Don’t want to inform homeowners about any of this?
Are you playing with peeps and just wanted to try and use 2 different company names to maybe get more more or did Bullseye fail and if so why and again, what happened to any-all those SUPPOSED lifetime guarantees under Bullseye name.
Just asking. :mrgreen: Have a nice day

Michael Buffer, Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!!!