Eh Foundation Systems of Michigan and all other interior drainage system companies

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Knock knock… anybody home?
Always hear how SUPPOSEDLY honest, experienced these companies are.
How their inspectors, salespeople etc are the best and so on.
If that is TRULY the case then how in the world do YOU people, your supposedly great and trusting inspectors/estimators MISS the OBVIOUS problems like this…huh?

Click each photo to enlarge, then click FULL SCREEN, use the dang arrows on right of photos to go to the next dang photo

Photo 1–5 inside basement, photos of the wall where homeowners get water in.

This is the front basement wall and again, only area where HO gets water in (at this point in time)
Obvious hairline vertical crack (which exists outside dumb az!).
Some mold and efflorescence on quite a few interior blocks.

Just looking at this wall, its obvious to any real honest expert that there are existing exterior cracks, cracked parging and very likely OTHER exterior openings that allow water to get inside the hollow blocks. That water then drops through the lower blocks where it almost always comes out at-along the very bottom of basement wall and floor, where they meet, duh!

Yet, you peeps try and tell these people, and others, that they supposedly need an interior drainage system and NOT just in the only area they leak.

You want to sell, do more-footage than necessary AND want to install a water diverting system that will never STOP the water from where the hll its actually entering!!! Then you want to install basement wall panels which will only hide further mold/efflorescence on wall.

You do not explain this to homeowners. You do not explain that interior systems do not relieve, reduce any exterior lateral soil pressure against basement walls that cause many cracks, leaks etc. They also obviously cannot remove any tree roots or concrete slabs or porch-footings etc that cause some cracks etc in basement walls.

So they don’t reduce/remove these causes and they do not stop the water from entering exterior cracks and other exterior openings. Why the sht you peeps think there is often x amount of mold or efflorescence on basement walls?
Insects/pests/radon enters these same openings, hello!

And you supposedly have the best, most honest inspectors/salespeople huh?
:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: Sure ya do!

Photos 6,7,8 Grade is sloped away from the dumb house.

Photos 9 and 10. 3 bricks HIGH! (yeah some are taking advantage of the weed laws, got that?)

Photos 13, 14,15, 16 17 etc WHY, where water entered and caused some mold and efflorescence on inside blocks.

Photos 14, 15, 16, 17 is the same CRACK that is visible on inside!!! #-o](*,)

Tell ya one more stupid az time.
RAISING and sloping the grade, the soil (topography! god I hate that word)
does not fix, repair, waterproof whatever the actual problem(s) EXIST and allow water in the stupid basement!

And telling homeowners to play with their topography has not, does not, IDENTIFY, DETERMINE what their problem(s) actual is, got that?

Now, might a few with play with their ‘top’ (got milk?), get lucky for awhile and be able to divert x amount of water away from an existing exterior crack?
Yeah, they may get lucky for awhile, if the crack is a hairline crack.

Somebody is going to have to pay to have the dumb crack waterproofed at some point eh. Usually its a BUYER, a nice little house warming gift for duh buyer.

Some have a slowly deteriorating rod hole in a poured wall so yeah, a few may able to play with the grade and keep most of the water away from the rod hole, for awhile.

You see here though, this seller raised the grade 3 bricks high and…?

Look at many others photos my dumb az has posted and you will see many other homeowners who TRIED raising and sloping the grade OR, had some concrete slabs mudjacked OR had some concrete poured where they were leaking.

Others have tried digging down 1, 2 feet along the wall and poured concrete against the top part of the basement wall and then added soil aka raised the grade on top of the concrete they just poured… Some dug down 1,2’ and placed roof shingles or tarps against the wall and a few actually had the shingles SLOPED away, underground lol. Ok, try whatever ya like, lots of luck.

Your asking for trouble if your putting your house up for sale and you ‘think’ you solved the basement leak by playing with the grade.

Are these interior system companies and their inspectors/estimators/salesdorks thoroughly explaining all the facts to homeowners? Duh! ](,)](,):-k:-:-

Long Way Down, duh Goo Goo’s