EIFS question

1999 condo conversion. 30’ x 100’ eifs wall with no control joints. Not buckling yet, but lack of control joints is a red flag, isn’t it?

Also. some local cracking and damage. No visual evidence of interior water damage… yet. How concerned should I be about the EIFS defects?




Very concerned! How many penitrations are in the wall you are talking about?

Hi Thomas,

I would concider the lack of control joints a major defect, and would be very suspisious of any cracking in the finish, any damaged areas should be quickly repaired.

The problem with this system is that I have never yet seen one installed in accordance with the manufacturers installation guidelines, and that any moisture getting behind the finish will destroy the sheathing long before its presence is visible inside the structure.

I would recomend futher evaluation by a specialist in this type of finish.



Gerry ,

kinda hard on the plaster’ers aren’t we! :mrgreen:

The sheathing most likley was not installed properly either!

What was the sheathing?