EIFS Question

Has anyone seen EIFS panels like this on commercial buildings? Any feedback would be appreciated.

1202-08-01 Chatham Circle 001.JPG

appears this is probably a prefab curtain wall?

eifs delaminated from the corrosion/adhesive bond failure

appears this is probably a prefab curtain wall

eifs delaminated from the corrosion/adhesive bond failure

all panels should be evaluated before further failures occur

although the foam and finishing materials are not that heavy they do have some weight and could cause damage and injury if catastrophic failure occurs, ymmv

But since the panel is clearly different from surrounding panels…
How many of these panels occurred?

(based upon limited information of presented photos only)…



and what is the link between this Posting and Photo Presented?

The photo does provide limited information; however, based upon what was presented this appears to be a section of metal substrate in a curtain wall. Thus, Barry’s link is very appropriate as it links to an AWCI article about curtain walls; it goes on to say preventing water intrusion is very important to prevent delamination and failures.

This installation appears atypical as most prefab curtain walls do not include the use of metal substrates; that is not to say some creative contractor or manufacturer may not have made up their own rules.

Further investigation by an EIFS/Stucco Expert is needed to reach a definative answer. If this is an EIFS panelized curtain wall and this EIFS has delaminated and fallen off the metal substrate in this section of curtain wall on this building then I would be concerned about the balance of the curtain walls.

Martin, do you have additional photos? Where is this property located? Have you seen the missing cladding?

Interesting property.

So the link provides information that May apply
but does not directly apply

More information is needed for this specific property in order to comment and assist the Poster…

Is the affected wall area 1 in 20,000 square feet
1 in 200,000 square feet?

Thank you everyone for the reply. This is a large commercial building, seven stories high. I have attached additional photos. My concern is the corrosion on the substrate. This material was installed as part of a building make over approximately 12 years ago.

1202-08-01 Chatham Circle 005.JPG

1202-08-01 Chatham Circle 005.JPG

1202-08-01 Chatham Circle 003.JPG

1202-08-01 Chatham Circle 006.JPG

I agree, thanks for the info Barry. Martin, you may be better off contacting Barry directly for guidance. He specializes in EIFS inspections and won’t try to get in a pissing contest with you.