EIFS siminar in the kc metro

Any body interested in going? Its on march 9 and starts at 8:00 am at the Builders Education Center 105 w. 12th ave north kcmo
Contact Ed Pekerak at (816) 471-0880 ext 332 or melissa at ext 347 With plasters and cement masons local#518
Along with Carter waters and Senergy!
It is free!!

Thanks Carl

Carl…is anybody planning on explaining how to properly install EIFS???..:smiley:

Maybe they should have someone there speaking from a >>> Sheetmetal local…:smiley:

Carter waters and senergy are going to be doing the presentation!
I think I will start bothering them more about a bigger siminar. I have not heard anything about any sheetmetal /flashing info.

The most important part of EIFS is the flashing…:shock:

Its not only important with EIFS. Its just all around important!

What do they call flashing nowadays…Caulk…:smiley:

You said it! If I am gonna play with silicone it’s not going to be on a house! HA!HA!

Silicone…I don’t think so…$1.29 a tube DAP…:smiley:

I inspected a building this week in which I believe there has to be 15 cases of cheap caulk applied around every window and door in the building.

They even used it for Stucco hole repair…stuck newspaper in the holes and applied caulk with a putty knife…:smiley:

I was at a stucco siminar last week and the city codes official that was putting it on didnt know there was suppose to be a backer rod and sealant joint around the windows/doors!!! I raised so much hell he quit letting me ask questions!!!
They just don’t get it!!!

The IRC should try to make some sort of a national guideline for the installation methods which EVERYONE should follow.

They don’t install it in KC like they do in PHX. But if they used backer rods and set some stringent guidelines for Flashing, most of the problems throughout the country would lessen.

AMEN!!! How do we go about getting there attention?

I’m not certain Carl…I don’t think anyone gives a damn.

It is sad, but keeps me busy…the code officials I have been running into lately are right out of college…don’t have a clue how to install stucco of any kind.

What about Zzzzzzzzzzzzz Flashing???..they never heard of it here…:shock:

For a long time these window companys were pushing their self flashing windows!

They act like they are mushrooms!!! Been kept in the dark and fed sh$t!!!

What are self-flashing windows…add water to something and you have flashing?

Around here these mushrooms think a nail fin is flashing!!

They don’t install Z-Flashing?

They are building new houses less then 2 blocks from me and there is no Z-flashing !!

And it is happening all over the metro.

They don’t use it here Carl…but I would certainly think it would be a requirement in KC…lots of rain, snow, temperature differentials, shrinkage, swelling.

The biggest problem here is the stucco cures too fast and cracks all to hell…it hasn’t rained in about four months.

They use it here just not everywhere they need it! They forget alot! How big is the aggragete in the sand they are useing in the base coat in your part of the big blue marble?

If the sand is fine the more cracks you will get!

They have started pushing the premixed onecoat stucco mixes here and the sand is to fine!

Until saturday we had not had rain in quite some time!