Home had some cracks under windows, on chimney flu and along one side. I called it out as needing further inspection by a qualified EIFS professional that will require invasive procedures to insure there is no issue inside the cavity or wall. Stating poor installation issues on some projects that have resulted in major issues in the past.
The owner and his Realtor are irate.
What say you?

I’d say you’re a dealbreaker!

Welcome to the club!

The last EIFS situation I called out due to cracks turned out to be three stories of termite damage with a sink hole in the crawlspace…

i could state the latter for every property i inspect
may or may not have any relevance to the subject property

most rational owners and realtors can deal with the facts
they may not like them but they can deal with them financially/intelligently in order to facilitate the sale

unless the property is ready for a bulldozer

i could state the latter for every property i inspect
poor installation is not just an EIFS issue and may or may not have any relevance to the subject property

most rational owners and realtors can deal with the facts
they may not like them but they can deal with them financially/intelligently in order to facilitate the sale

unless the property is ready for a bulldozer

I agree with the universal poor installation issue. I was referring to EIFS specifically as there have been many cases where foam base board wa not installed or not fastened properly allowing water to be trapped inside against the wall and creating massive mold issues. Without thermography or invasive inspection one may never know, or. At least till it’s way to late.
Guess I’m just looking for confirmation from those who deal with this regularly and how you respond to surface cracks and openings

i attempt to identify the crack(s) cause
seldom do in the field cracks appear without impact damage or structural movement
the latter requires repair/stabilization before the EIFS is repaired

with most EIFS cracks: i probe for moisture & structurally sound substrate & framing materials, when moisture is located: painter tape or spray paint mark out the area requiring invasive examination to factually determine the extent of damage & the EIFS repair contractor tears off and replaces all moisture affected materials to whatever extent is required

a considerable amount of EIFS damage i see occurs from day one of the installation and irrigation spray head placement adjacent to walls, doors & windows. the most basic mfr instructions are not followed, omission or improperly applied flashing and sealant joints

as with any exterior coating materials deferred maintenance must be avoided

dow & most mfr have EIFS restoration guides available on line

Any visible cracks. around penetrations, protrusions, abutments, angle charges, applied materials, I use my IR for visual verification and my Delmhorst EFIS 10 inch probes for moisture analyses.Any visible structural stress patterns or clear visual indications I take HD images.
Most problematic EFIS systems are barrier systems. They are banned in certain states.
Ron Huffman provides a proficient EFIS recognition and EIFS defect course. The association he has ties to is acknowledged as being the worlds leader in Home Inspections. INACHI:)

Barry you make it too hard. Just look under the chimney. :smiley:
George I have learned that many areas that are of substantial size you can push on and feel the substrate give. The chimney in the pics are a good example. The back side is solid, but where the gutters have been leaking over, the sides were mush.
You should see the look on a buyers face when you walk up to a spot under a gutter and push the wall in about 3 inches.
Just for the record, Even if you don’t have visible damage you always, always advise for a secondary probe or stucco inspection. I know a guy here who makes a living doing nothing but hard coat and EIFS inspections.

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I concur but for a different reason.

When any member jumps to conclusions, without verification, you do yourself and others an injustice.

Hypothesis are built, not manufactured from, humours, speculation, self interests, assumption. innuendo and fiction.

Understand the purpose of the subject and the scope.
Analysing the material and re-think the question.
Then you form a hypothesis and test it.
Best of luck with your endeavours.
PS: Most rational owners and realtor’s That’s a small percentage Mr. Adair.

Sean, I will humour you but walking on a thin line seeing I do not agree with negative campaigning without fact.

To me the CMI is cheap, dirt cheep and worth more than you credit it for.
As to it’s recognition…
Canadian Members, Vern Mitchinson and the esteemed Alberta InterNACHI members used the CMI designation to apply leverage and win historic movement in the Canadian provincial home inspection Industry.
Now carrying the CMI, Kevin Wood, Len and Scot are opening doors in Ontario and carrying it further, and with pride as other associations agree it got legs and a body. Why, they improved upon it base line credentials.

If some individuals think that the “CMI” is just a marketing tool, then I truly feel sorry for them.

Question; If I made am extra $1000 dollars monthly and had to pay my SEO provider $41 dollars monthly to do so, would you call that expensive?:roll:

What saddens me is when older members think their personal logic trumps our association code of conduct.

Please members, lets remember, its hard enough earning a living in this profession when dealing with clients and the brokerage, lets not bring the frustration, negativity and association bashing into our MB please.

Best regards.
Just my 2 cents.

Robert I was joking. You Frenchmen really have no sense of humor. :roll:
You also a babbling again. I have no idea what your talking about.
Oh i get it now, you having a tantrum over my little designation snippet. Well let me be frank then. I find it embarrassing to even be associated with some who hold the higher designation, after seeing what they post. Now that I have reached this personal milestone, I really wish there was something more that would raise the bar, and help prevent others who are not really qualified from obtaining the designation.
Just because you have done something 1000 times doesn’t necessarily make you great at it.

Heather have to get on you again? ;~))

Robert I was joking. You Frenchmen really have no sense of humor.
It is spelled HUMOUR. so please stop with the babbling nonsense.

I am English I am sorry to say Sean.
So whom is doing the babbling?

No, I take offence when others hard work is used as a whipping post Sean.
Your sense is nonsense for that same analogy, just because you have done something 1000 times does not make you a master, can be said about any profession.
What I do expect from you, seeing I do enjoy your abilities, is to defend you point in an open forum.
You openly expose that negativity to every member Sean, defend that disputable innuendo.

The CMI is not a laughing or joking matter to many that used the designation correctly and with honour, and they do deserve credit Sean. They were and still are defending their livelihood, creating a better place for Inspectors, as well as InterNACHI members,
Negativity has no place here.

Sorry if I seemed testy but you truly do not feel the effects that slander can have on a business. I know as well as others what negativity does.
Either or, have a good day.
I said my piece.

There has recently been an increase in programs leading to these degrees in the United States
some kind of rank or status,
presiding officer of a school
a postgraduate
sometimes undergraduate degree in the specified discipline
an academic degree granted to individuals who have undergone study demonstrating a mastery or high-order overview of a specific field of study or area of professional practice
to possess advanced knowledge of a specialized body theoretical and applied topics
There are various degrees of the same level

If you read the CMI prerequisite Sean, it has changed and will continue to change as long as parties are interested.
I think it is best to reach for something myself.
Best regards.


Just show them how minor cracks lead to major water damage.



George …

  1. Unless Seller & His Realtor are your clients, I could care less what they think!

  2. Next comment … When I have a pissy seller OR listing agent, I ask a simple question. “Did I lie … Are there cracks? Does this material have known installation issues? Have the known installation deficiencies allowed moisture penetration behind the stucco where its NOT visible AND resulted in MAJOR damage? Has this material had known class action lawsuits? Is it true that some insurance companies have declined to insure it? Is it true some Fortune 500 Companies won’t do a BUYOUT when transferring an employee that owns an EIFS clad house? Is it true that some Realtors have do NOT wanta show this house because of known issues with EIFS?”

“So Mr Realtor & Mr Seller, are you trying to hide something? Why don’t you want the buyer to seek further evaluation??”

George Bottom Line to Me is … If they wanta get Pissy / Wither educate them OR if thats not possible … Make them feel or look Pissy or Sleasy in return.

George … As an EDI Certified Stucco / EIFS Moisture Analyst, I use comments like the following in my reports all day long.

Note: You have a stucco / EIFS type cladding on the exterior of the home. If installed properly with the proper architectural details, this is a sturdy material. If however, proper architectural details or flashings, etc are absent, installed incorrectly, or features (such as windows, joints, flashings, etc.) are sealed incorrectly, or if there are cracks or gaps in the stucco or at wall penetrations like windows or trim, etc it can create conditions that are conducive to moisture intrusion inside the wall cavities. If this happens, moisture has the potential to be trapped on the walls interior cavities, and cause hidden damages, mold or other long term problems.

To determine the full condition of this type of stucco system would require moisture probing and intrusive testing of wall cavities, etc. This type of inspection CAN NOT be done by a visual examination alone, and is beyond the scope of the visual home inspection process we are now performing. We **DID NOT **not perform any moisture probing or intrusive testing of the wall cavities. We recommend further testing and moisture analysis of the Stucco System by a qualified and competent contractor