Ejector pit conveying waste water from the entire dwelling

Hello Everyone,

I just inspected a house that had all of the upper floor waste water pipes extend all the way into the basement and through the basement floor. From there the pipes took a lateral path to the ejector pit which then pumped the water back up to the building drain which was located 4-5 feet above the floor. I would seem to me that standard practice would be to have the upper floors gravity feed to the building drain and the ejector pit only conveys waste water that was produced in the basement. Why would anyone send all of the waste water to the ejector pit when it could be gravity fed? Has anyone else seen anything like this and how would I report?


My home is plumbed as you describe. 1999 build

Yes, it’s a lift station not a defect…

Thank you for your responses. This is why I find this business to be so interesting…always something new to learn.

Did you check for the back flow valve…? Critical under those conditions. There should be one above the pit on the exit side the holding tank and the street line to prevent back flow into the house in the event there is a problem with the city services.

The house is on a private septic system. It had a check valve .

And there is your answer as to why it is as it is.

I was about to question same as the poster till that last bit of info.

I have a municipal sewer connection and I do not see what a private septic has to do with it.

My interior lift stain is very large 5ft deep and over 3 ft. in diameter and exits the structure at about 2 ft off the basement floor. I also have a spare lift pump ready to go should a failure ever occur. Yes I have a lift station alarm and check valve.

A grinder pump on a private septic system is not a good thing IMO … In your standard septic tank you want the solids to settle out, but the grinder pump converts the solid waste into tiny pieces which becomes suspended solids. This allows the solids to flow out potentially clogging your drain field. If you don’t have one I suggest a good effluent screen on the tank outlet.

There is a difference between a grinder and sewage pump.