Elderly Rip Off

I had a elderly relative call and ask if I would look at her roof. She said she paid $5400.00 to have it repaired and it still leaks. I am no expert on built up roofs but I know that this is not right. What would other inspectors advise?





What is the pitch of that roof? Could be just the camera angle, but it looks to be more than 2/12. Any other photos of fascia/rake/flashing etc…?

I just can’t see $5400.00 worth of work here. Gravel looks to large, membrane not repaired, just some tar and a little driveway gravel.







That roof looks like it is ready to be replaced.

I would say call the better business bureau , and second roofer to check it. then a lawyer

Same here Jeffery. 2nd opinion from a reputable roofer then a lawyer. There is a special place in hell for people who take advantage of the elderly and small children.

What a stinking mess. Lawyer is in order for sure.
That looks like a Tectum Deck from the first picture.
Stone way to big for that type of built up roof. Stone is sized to protect the asphalt. :slight_smile:

Their was no permit, no contract. City is after him about the permit. I just can’t understand how some people can sleep at night.

I have no stomach for the victimization of the elderly, so while I agree with the lawyer thing, my angry side is leaning toward the double barrel twelve Gage shoved up his stack boot and . . . . . . . . :twisted: