Electical Inspection of Branch Circuit Connections

Hey all,
Doing the training now for electrical inspections and have a question. When doing inspections of the branch circuit connections does anyone bring a cheat sheet to evaluate the correct breaker/fuse size with correct conductor size and the usage? I’m given time one would have that info in their head but curious if any of you all keep tables and charts for cross referencing. Thank you ahead of time for your comments!

I have never used one but that is only because i was well versed. I know of some that have charts and even wire tables (actual wire on a board) to verify size. Hopefully someone can give you a link to one.

That is a good idea. Also, go to the hardware store and cut a foot of each type. Get your hands on it. You’ll be surprised how quickly a little ‘practice’ will make you more comfortable.

Thanks guys!