Election in Ontario

Likely to bean election called for June 12th thanks to Andrea Horwath deciding not to support the Liberal Budget.

You heard it here on InterNACHI first.

What is a** Bean** election???

That’s what most Governments are counting.

That’s rich! :roll:

This will likely put any hint or rumour of licensing on the back burner in Ontario. Your thoughts?

2020 will be the next time you here about licensing. Carry on boys!

Ministry of consumer services has nothing to do with an election other than the titular head of the ministry may change. The drive behind the licensing, the committees, and the proposal itself is all within the ministry department still. Unless the elected parties declare against licensing as a party position, and that would beyond belief given the current state of the perceived public perception of Home Inspectors, licensing will go forward wanted by us or not.

If you believe that I have a pot of gold for you at the end of a rainbow. LOL

Bruce is correct. The numerous Ministries will change the Minister in charge of that particular portfolio, but nothing else will change. What if the Liberals get back into power…might even keep the present Minister in place ! …Just sayin’. I work for the Ministry of Community Safety and Public Security, and we’ve had 5 different Ministers in 10 years, and nothing has changed…business as usual, regardless of whatever political party is in power. Carry on, that is all! :mrgreen:

We went through an election here in Alberta duringbthe process and it did not slow them down for a minute. It was fulll steam ahead.

Only reason the licensing went through in Alberta was to save face for a Association that I choose to leave namless.

Just curiosity, At what point during the licensing process was an election held?

In Ontario’s case the proposal for licensing has been written, but only mentioned once in parliament. It was not read in parliament, only mentioned.

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Just curiosity, At what point during the licensing process was an electrocution held?


At the same time the Bean counting started.:wink:

Death by electrocution if the Beans aren’t balanced by 2017 ! :mrgreen:

Ok Kevin, I’m going to be looking for that pot of gold after the election when nothing has changed and they are still hell bent on licensing, I will be passing through the Soo (yeah I know that’s not how you spell it) during next falls hunting seasion. Look for me!

Bruce are you thinking of him for target practice? lol


Nah just looking for the gold to finance the moose hunt, gets more expensive every year.

Just text and I will meet you anywhere Bruce.