Election Night (Nov 8) Inspector Outlet Auction: Smart Custom Package.

Haters gonna hate!

Enough already. InterNACHI is not an online fighting arena. This is a place for new and old inspectors to work together to better themselves as inspectors and to make our profession even better.

In regards to Jeffrey Jonas … He has helped hundreds if not thousands of inspectors throughout the years, myself included. Jeff is very knowledgeable and you may not know this but when Jeff had his heart attack and his health went down he didn’t give up and die. Jeffrey Jonas rose above what the doctors said and started helping fellow inspectors out (when he didn’t have to and it added pressure to his heart). I am thankful to have learned from this man and I hope he lives a good long life. I’ll tell you something else about this man, he has a heart as big as the state of Texas and he cares not only about fellow inspectors but their families as well.

Already have this in place! Glad I didn’t wait, sad it will be scooped up here at such a great value! #thorberrycultbeliever

Wow, 26,000 posts, I can’t even find the time to keep up with my email, no less a forum, crazy!



I tried clicking Nicks link and get a not found message.

While I do not have issue with Nathan, and like some of his products.

It does not really help the case at all that everyone praising the services in this post, never post to InterNachi Forums.

I think the highest of you has 10 posts.

while you praise the tools of RWS and Nathan

You fail to use the resources of InterNACHI ???

Ummmmm, anyone ever heard of bogus accounts?:roll: The posts sound exactly like mister dingle when he used to be on here.:roll: Or a high pressure salesman/lackey that works for him.:roll: One of the oldest tricks in the book is to have straw buyers bid up the price:roll:

So uz iz q n a ing ten rapports 2nite?:roll: That has nothing to do with whether you are a good inspector or not.:roll:

Whoever the Fuiz, Foff trying to insult JJ:p

I don’t hate nate, but y’all started this. How would you know of all the mutual animosity if yuz hazint been on te mezzij buord?

my bid iz -$650. Negative $650. That is you’d have to pay me to try it. I’m warning you - I will not be underbid!!!

Razz uz back n we’ll get m. Arzon n jojo Urkezon on this thread. Now THEY TRULY HATE NATE
They’ll even forget about poli ticks for awhile
That would be fun\:D/

Looks like Donald L. Richards wins with $651! Congratulations. I’ll be emailing you payment and delivery details shortly. Thank you!