Electric advise for sub panel

Preformatted textHey guys wanted to ask about this cross over bar on this sub-panel

I’m a newer inspector & just would like a confirmation on this sub panel of grounds & neutrals coming together…This is wrong? Correct?

Yes, they should be separate in the panel on the left.

Ok thanks .Is that crossover bar wrong as well?

I would let an electrician figure out how to separate the neutrals from the grounds and the panel. Normally, the crossover bar is to bond the neutral bars. If the panel isn’t bonded, or in other words the neutral bars are not bonded to the panel then the electrician just needs to figure out where to move the grounds, possibly by adding an accessory ground bar or by removing the crossover bar/arm. Again, don’t prescribe the correction method, let the electrician figure it out.

Ok .And yes I agree that’s not my part …But thank you very much for the input .Very much appreciated & helpful

You also have an uninsulated grounded neutral conductor.

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Just wanted to verify, you called it a subpanel. So there is a main disconnect or a main panel up the line from it?
My understanding is the ground and neutral don’t need to be separated if it’s the main panel.

As other have stated there are several issues visible in the photo. I would also check the size of the circuit breaker feeding the sub-panel. That appears to be #2 Al SEU cable, often guys will use that cable for 100 amps but it’s only rated for 90 amps at 75° C.

The main panel is right next to it …It’s in the picture a little