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Guys, I am looking for suggestions on how you report an electrical system that is a complete mess. I just inspected an old farm house for my father that was completely renovated and the electrical system was a mess. There was romex all over the basement strung up like extension cords, sub panel in the bathroom, light switches all over that did not operate anything, every outlet problem you can think of, a sub panel in the barn that got power from WHO KNOWS WHERE lol. It was not tied into the main or basement sub panel and did not have its own meter??? Missing GFCI and AFCI, the list goes on and on.

Do you guys just write up each detail as you see it or would it be worth just writing a statement that the entire electrical system has undergone significant modifications that appears to be of amateur workmanship due to (above issues). I recommend you consult with a licensed electrician for a full evaluation of the entire electrical system for estimate of repairs prior to the end of your contingency period.

It would be nearly impossible to find and write up every defect in a home like you describe.

Name some of the defects and defer the system, in it’s entirety, to a qualified electrician.

What you wrote towards the end sounds reasonable…

There were many instances of improper wiring observed in the xxx including, but limited too xxx. In these situations, its difficult to find and report on every deficiency. I recommend having a qualified electrician fully evaluate the xxx and make needed repairs.

There have been numerous modifications and alterations made to the original electrical system of the residence, many of which appear to be improper and unprofessionally installed. Due to the inherent dangers involved with electrical installations, we do not endorse, or approve of any system or component that was not installed/modified by a licensed electrical contractor. Based on our observation, it is entirely possible that latent defects exist. It is strongly recommended that you consult a qualified electrician to evaluate and service the entire electrical system of the residence.

I would list numerous NEC violations that present a latent hazard. The panel in the bathroom for example is explicitly not allowed by code. Ditto on a lot of the other problems you mention.

I personally try to avoid quoting the NEC if at all possible. I don’t want clients to feel like I’m the code inspector, that’s another guy

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