Electric Distribution Box


I have looked everywhere and cannot find this. Does anyone have a published list of the electrical distribution boxes (breaker distribution boxes) that are not approved by most insurance companies.

I missed one that was an off brand and the homeowners had toreplace the entire box.

I have run into this on several inspections and I am notsure which panels are not improved.


The insurance companies all have different underwriting standards; they are no set rules of thumb other than what each individual carrier has published.

Also, they can (and do) change their own underwriting requirements frequently.


It might help to know in which state you are performing inspections…

In Florida…

Any ideas??

Zinsco and Federal Pacific are the main ones. Challenger is another one that some do not light. No fuse panels allowed. And if you run into a General, General Switch, or Franklin Adams they are all over 60 years old and should be replaced, but are not on the list as far as I know. I am sure there are others, but these are the one that I know of.


I’ll keep that list in my file.