Electric floor heat in shower

First time I’ve seen it.

Feels wrong.


What’s the product, is it listed for use in shower areas?

My thoughts exactly Robert.

There is no way to know.

i’ve only seen on luxury homes here
all were on gfci protected circuits
most of mfr install manuals i’ve read advise this

With the exception of the listing and use instructions provided by the manufacturer I would guess that the NEC is silent on such an installation.

Was the circuit GFCI protected?



Can Nuheat Mats be installed in wet environments such as shower beds and saunas?
Yes Nuheat Mats can be installed in wet environments such as shower beds and saunas. However, a separate Nuheat Mat is required for the shower area. If the Nuheat Mat in the shower is damaged, it cannot be repaired because the waterproof feature of the Nuheat Mat will be compromised. By using a separate Nuheat Mat in the shower, the floor heating in the bathroom floor will not be affected.

Bahahahaha. After you shower your ashes can get washed down the drain. No fuss no muss.

Now I don’t know anything about the listing of the product as that may play a role. However, typically this material is installed under the floor surface medium and is and will be GFCI protected…so I guess as long as their is nothing prohibiting its use in the listing of the product…go for it.

I would guess it needs to pass the SMELL test of 424.6 and Part V of Article 424.

The thermostat may help.

How do you spell “STU-PED” again?!

They need to learn how to build a shower pan before they start adding HVAC to it! :wink:

Thanks guys. It had a conventional thermostat.

One for the sink toilet area and one for the shower.

Not GFCI protected as far as I can tell.

I am going to advise the control be removed unless more information can be obtained.

Thanks Marcel. I have not seen that type of control yet.