Electric Load

Does anyone create a load on circuits before performing a thermal inspections? This can be difficult in a vacant home. If there is no load, you won’t see over-heating.


Yes…on the a/c, oven, range and pool pump if there is one.

I was thinking of bringing a small 1500 watt (110v) space heater. This could put a load on the circuit, but also be used to create a thermal change in an isolated area. A lot of bathrooms here don’t have heating vents in the bathrooms. On a cold day it is hard to get the delta T needed to observed possible moist areas.

I been doing it for along time very easy on a vacant home with just the built in’s provided there is a electric range dishwasher A/C light circuits bathroom exhaust/heaters it really gets good with more than one A/c and duel ovens with remote cooktop

Charley is right again.

First thing I do when I get to a house is crank up the ACs, ovens, dishwasher, spa tub, all the lights, fans, dryer (if it goes with the house), you name it. Get that meter spinning.

I should take my 15 year old daughter on inspections, sounds just like what she does every day except she never turns them off…:stuck_out_tongue:

Funny… That’s what I tell my clients: “I’m going to make like a teenager and turn everything in the house on.”

And be an adult and turn everything off!