Electric panel amp question

I had first paid inspection today- the panel - pics attached- is this to be reported as a 50 amp panel? The box as you can see has very few slots- largest breaker is 50amp. As you can see - other defects , in closet, open slots covered by duct tape. Another question- client won’t do anything about it- but the washing machine dumps into utility tub only, and a condensate line from heater also drops into utility tub- is that a call out? Gas meter inside house?

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Just because the biggest breaker is a 50amp doesn’t make it the service rating.

Good luck, Ken!

Is the 50 amp CB actually the main? I see conductors connected to the lugs at the bottom. The 50 amp CB could just be for a branch circuit.

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Was there a service disconnect breaker outside at the meter? Was the 50 amp in this panel labeled main? Gas meters can be inside and washing machines can drain to sinks. Last picture your saying the condensate drains into the sink? Not really sure what I’m seeing in the last one.

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Ken does your state license home inspectors?


That looks more like a sub panel.