Electric Panel AMPS


I came across an old ITE pushmatic panel, How do you determine the amperage? I have attached photos…

Typically, it is determined by the lesser of the Service Entrance Conductors, size of panel board and main disconnect breaker.

I hope you’re calling it out for avaluation and possible repair/upgrade/replacement by a Licensed Electrician.

Also seeing the old paper/cloth Romex as the feeders (which may be aluminum) bonded to the Red and Blue copper, not enough grounds to go with the neutrals and the #4 bare under a lug with some N’s. Are you sure that it’s not a sub-pannel? This looks like several (at least) non-electricans have had their hands in there or maybe a homeowner installation. If you look between your arrow and the red head below it. You will see a copper conductor bonded to an aluminum one using a non AL/CU connector without any Penatrox. I would strongly recommend further evaluation by a…

I was going to call for further evaluation before I took the cover off but I was curious. Once I opened and saw that mess there was no doubt. I’m just asking for personal knowledge. I’m not too familiar with the pushmatic. Thank for the input!!

Those old rubber insulated cloth conductors are not aluminum but tin coated copper. Looks like this panel was a replacement for one years ago where they extended the old conductors.