Electric panel noise

This is happening every minute or two when the heater is running.

  1. Is this an issue
  2. If so, electric or HVAC?


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Any :“arcing” sounds from a panel board should be investigated.




Could be many things, could be a failing/overloaded breaker. Definitely does not sound normal.


Definitely have a licensed electrician evaluate that.


Thanks all. I wrote it up as electric but wanted to make sure.

I would have crapped my pants if that sounded for the first time while I was removing the dead front!


Just me being curious. Did you have the dead front cover off when the noise happened? Did you see evidence of arcing, melting, etc.?

Good question, Adam! Many will benefit… :smile:

Well, it is an electrical issue up till the point where it becomes a Plumbing issue… :laughing:


That’s right, Larry. hahhahahhha

I would have de-powered the HVAC and any other appliance that might be running at the time ( not by tripping breakers at the service panel; but at the thermostat, washer, dryer controls, etc.). That way, if the noise continues you might narrow the problem to an external source such as a faulty transformer or an arcing meter connection. Regardless, it seems to be one of those issues that should be brought to the attention of the owner, agent, or property manager immediately.

Yes the dead front was on. When removed, no evidence or markings.

Was definitely the heat pump. The condenser was cycling and it happened every time it came on. Buyer was an AC guy and said it was the electricians issue! I corrected him that as the buyer, it’s his issue now!

4 Reasons Your Circuit Breaker Panel is Buzzing

Observation: Panel board buzzing.
Recommend: a licensed electrical contractor evaluate the panel board and overcurrent protection devices immediately.
Follow any referrals offered.
Limitation: panel board front was not removed due to noise.

I would not operate any disconnects, OCPD’s or safety switches in this case, ‘or any other case for that matter.’
Once you touch in any way shape or form, it you own responsibility.
May be you should reconsider your SoP to be on the safe side.
Remember. While other may agree, some may not.

Robert Young: I made it clear that I would not touch any disconnects, but rather turn off any appliances on the load side via normal controls. We turn A/C systems on and off routinely. Some inspectors also operate dishwashers, garbage disposals, microwave ovens, and other appliances. Again (as I stated) I would de-power the several appliances on the load side of the panel to see if the panel noise were still present. I might even go so far as to double-check all modes of the A/C system by restoring and operating via the controls again, if the regularly-cycling noise did not present for some time after the initial we-powering. Check your SOP.