Electric Panel

This a picture of an electric panel on one of our inspections today. Does anyone see anything different?

Where are the neutrals and grounds and where does that big ground wire go?

Haha wow

Is it all DC voltage???

In addition to (stated earlier) no neutral or ground visivle, the guage wire seems a bit heavy as well. Maybe its me…

No I noticed that as well

Is that a battery terminal attachment?

Was a ‘Get - R - Done’ sticker on the panel cover?

I think Roy and Jay have it The battery terminal does it

If it is DC Voltage please be very carefull DC is not nice it Bites extremly bad not like AC .

Please come back and tell us the rest of the story.

DC? Not likely.

Why’d they install the panel sideways? :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it on a house boat? Not a marine panel,but I have seen worse

Interesting .I think I see dry wall but I also see bungy cords and attachments that are used on a Boat.

A lot of the house boats , especally the bigger ones have drywall. Modular homes are being built and set on barges. Key West has a lot of them.