Electric spreadsheet

Does anyone have an Electric spreadsheet they are willing to share?

I have created one John, but unless you’ve completed a level II course for quantitative measurements or a specialty IR course in electrical and motor circuit analysis, you will probably find it difficult to use correctly for priority repair ratings.

Hello William, Not a quantitive inspection, no MCA involved. Big Condo unit with all aluminum wiring. They are wroking on re-wiring the place in the future but are a little concerned about the panels in each unit. I will bring my electrician and do the inspections per NFPA 70E. I can build an Excel spreadsheet but was hoping some one might be willing to share theirs.

Are you talking about a load calculation worksheet?

Hello Eric, that might help, I will ask the electrician. Basically I need an inventory spreadsheet, havent made one in years. EG condo #, panel type, ckts, ambient temp, panel temp etc. Ther was some upgrades done so not all units will be the same. The spreadsheet is to supplement the report and provide a baseline/timeline for future repairs. I was just hoping to avooid having to build one from scratch.
Thanks for your help

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Send me your e mail address and I’ll send you the load calculation sheet I have in Excel.

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