Electric Stoves In Garages

Can an electric stove/oven be installed in a garage?

I’m not sure why you would want to, but ignition sources should be at least 18 inches off of the floor. So I guess an electric stove/oven would be ok.

In some parts 2 stoves= 2 family house for your pricing

Some people do canning in the garage.

Well, an electric stove is not really an open flame an one can basically have anything he wants in the garage.
Now wether it is safe and compliant to standard codes might be another story. :wink:

I know of no code prohibiting it and I can’t think of why it would be a safety issue. I think it is fine.

I have a friend that has one in his shop for curing small items he powder coats.

What’s really the risk? Can it really be any worse than an arc welder? Or ammo reloading stations? You guys should see the stuff in garages around here. Guy’s gotta do sumtin’ to keep his sanity during six months of winter! :wink: