Electric Utilities

One day last week my dining room light went out. So did the kitchen and the master bedroom. Of course my coolerator is no longer operating or my AC. Then they come back on! Did that five times that particular morning.

Called BGE (local electric utility) and told them one leg of my 220 was gone (I had already checked it at the panel). They said they’d send someone out. He arrived within 45 minutes, but by that time the power had resumed.

Pulled the meter, tightened all the lugs, load tested the line (power company line) found nothing.

Labor Day arrives (yesterday) and the dining room light goes out. Same problem, one leg out. But now I know the lugs are tight in the panel and the meter socket. Whats that leave, Power company lines! I call the utility and this women keeps telling me “We recommend you have an electrician look at it.” So I ask her, “Are you tellin’ me you’re not sending someone out?” She gives me the same hoopla line as before. After the tenth time I just hang up on her.

Finally after calling back (twice) I get someone who understands the problem and sends someone out. Loose line connection on the pole aggravated by the neighbors tree pushing against it in a breeze. Utility tightened the line yesterday, came back this morning and trimmed the tree.

Moral of the story. Sometimes it pays to loose your cool (never had much anyway) and rant and rave till someone listens. The squeaky wheel does get the oil!

Glad you got the problem taken care of Bob. I appreciate your advice. I had similar problem a few years ago with AT&T internet. I kept calling back until finally getting someone that understood the problem (on their end) and was able to resolve the issue.


I think that you probably already know why the squeaky wheel gets the grease. It’s because it has already gotten the shaft.

Tom Horne