Electric Water Disconnect

What are the latest requirements? If the main panel can be locked I do not write up a lack of disconnect at the water heater.

Just about all main panels I see can be locked. But just because they can be locked does not mean they will be locked. An insight disconnect is still required.

How about this: You don’t call it out and your client months later needs to replace the water heater. Goes out to the panel flips off the breaker and goes back in to disconnect the power supply. Someone walking past the open panel door sees the breaker “OFF” and flips it back on. Now the homeowner standing in a pool of water on the concrete floor grabs the now HOT conductor. Law suit time with your name on the summons.:frowning:

Well, this question was posted nearly 5 years ago, so I think Brian is safe on this one :wink:

I want to see a lawyer smart enough to trace that one down…

Ken, I guess you don’t understand the lock out part.
It’s the idiots fault that didn’t properly lock out the breaker, not some HI that inspected the house 6 years ago.

Great bed time story though.