Electric Water heater

Is it ok to have a insulation jacket on a electric water heater ?

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I cant think of any reason why it would be a bad thing.

I believe that insullation jackets are not allowed in certain areas.


High-efficiency Electric models already come from the manufacturer with built-in foam insulation. This type of water heater does not need to be wrapped with additional insulation on the exterior. Often, There is a label cautioning homeowners against doing this and will void any warranties. For models with less internal insulation, the efficiency can be increased by installing external tank insulation.

If your Electric hot water tank is insulated to R-10 or less, you could install an insulation jacket or blanket, particularly if it is located in an unheated area such as an unfinished basement or garage. Although the surface of the water heater may not feel warm, the tank may still be losing heat. To illustrate this, hold your hand against the side of the tank, then hold your hand against a metal object or surface in the same room, perhaps a metal shelf or tool box. Usually the other metal will feel cooler than the water heater tank. The difference in temperature is due to heat loss from the tank.


I hate those things…hard to get serial and model #'s off the WH…

Also a great place for snakes to hide in the rural areas. They get up on top of the water heater and comfortably sit on top. Seen it two more times than I ever wanted to.