Electrical and Trade-Related Nostalgia

Electrical and Trade-Related Nostalgia


I remember my dad had one of those batteries shown in pic. 24, I believe it was made of cardboard on the outside, was kind of heavy and I think it was red in color. didn’t have much power or maybe it was almost dead.

Those are 1.5v cells, basically just a big flashlight battery. The zinc can was the outer container and they wrapped a cardboard sleeve around it. This was the typical thing you give a kid to play with. I had one with an assortment of lights, switches, and a little motor. It was on a board with a bunch of those push to release clips like you had on your Lionel train.
You could breadboard up circuits with the stuff you could come up with that would go on 1.5v. My grandfather came up with it for me. That was also what you used for the “wire around a nail” electromagnet.

Just Won a 1956 NEC on E-Bay, and won a 1940 NEC on ebay…now working on about 5 more versions…dang it…now the wife will yell at me for spending money.

You too, Paul?

I just commect old electrical panels, but I guess that’s just me :mrgreen: .

lol…I figured the BOOKS were easy to store…amazing that I did not save the ones I have used since I started in the business…

2005,2002,1999,1996,1993,1990,1987 and 1984…now I wish I had the ones from the early 90’s and 80’s now…sigh…there goes my wallet…

Here are a couple of oldies… The knife switch was the main service disconnect (120/240v)for the home. It was mounted directly on the garage wall. No enclosure at all. Just don’t bump it with the rake. The other is an old Bulldog 15amp circuit breaker. It is almost 8" long.