Electrical Box Question - Referral of Nick Gromicko

On 5/28/09 9:34 AM, Zimmerman,Janet wrote:

We are moving our daughter out of a townhouse she was renting during college and are in the ‘interim phase’ of storing her furniture in the townhouse garage and actually moving her into a new apartment which is approximately 1 week away.

We were notified by the townhouse owner that a piece of furniture (did not clarify what piece of furniture) was leaning up against the electrical box and that the electrical box door is partially opened …

Now mind you they didn’t take the time to “move” the culprit furniture or close the electrical box door. No, they picked up the phone and called us to demand that we immediately drive the 250 miles so we could move the furniture and close the electrical box door because they allege this is a serious fire violation.

Now, since they “own” the property I would think if it was such a fire hazard they might be interested enough to close the electrical box themselves or just push the furniture away from the box.

We are already planning on making the drive down in 8 days to remove our daughter’s furniture from the garage and away from the electrical box.

My question – from the scenario just described do you really think that possibly a dresser or mattress leaning against the electrical box is a Serious Fire Hazard.

Thank you so much for any information you can provide –

Signed – Weary Parent

It would only be a serious fire hazard if other electrical problems are present such as missing parts in the panel front and improper/loose wiring inside.

Tell the owner to send you a signed statement that no electrical issues are present on the property and an explanation as to why he left the panel door open. Also ask him to provide the name of his insurance company so you can ask them if the owner is responsible for taking action to protect the insured property.

Or, just tell him you will get there as soon as you can and go as planned.

Weary Parent,

It may not necessarily be a fire hazard, but it is definitely a fire safety issue. All electrical panels must maintain proper clearances of 36 inches to front with a width of 30 inches to the sides.

I can’t see why this piece of furniture couldn’t be moved by the owner. He/she is being a hard-arse.

The Jamaicans have a saying…“Soon Come Mahn” :wink: