Electrical code quizzes

Hi to all,

I stumbled upon these the other day and found them interesting




Good find!

NC Approved Continuing Education

2005 NEC North Carolina:

Take the course online:

** 8-Hours](http://www.contractorcafe.com/continuing_education/ceu/nc/8NC2005.HTM) - 30 questions**

16-Hours - 60 questions

24-Hours - 90 questions

Joe T.

This is for Home Inspectors? This quiz looks more for Code officials or Electricians, not Home Inspectors. Please check your sources again and see if this is meant for Home Inspectors.

There is no doubt in my mind that these questions do not relate or apply to the typical Home Inspector.

John B.

Education is Good.

I do not understand why you would discourage an Inspector from seeking out additional information.

Joe H.,

You’re barking up the wrong tree here. I am not now or ever will be against advanced education. I would be the last person that would ever “discourage an Inspector from seeking out additional information”.

Joe T. commented that these quiz’s were approved for CE’s in NC. And I quote him, “NC Approved Continuing Education”. All I simply want to know is if these quiz’s are approved for NC Continuing Education for NC Home Inspectors.

Do you know?

John B.

John: I agree, I cut and pasted the information. These tests are for updating electricians licenses. I thought the questions had a few related to dwellings and could be used to review changes.

I would like to see similar quizzes covering HI related items that would be in the same format.