Electrical Defect Recognition

There are a number of defect here, please identify them.

I see a generator breaker that might not have an interlock, but it might have been riveted on the panel cover.


I am looking at the photo and one thing it puzzle me where is the AFCI breaker ??

second thing this is a clear sight gross volaiation the netural and ground conductors are under one screw which it is a no no.

for the rest of it I can’t really comment unless i see the whole box then i can able tell the rest.

but i will echo’s on Marc Shunk comment related to interlock for generator breaker.

if i see the breaker cover with interlock then it will be ok as long it is approved for this breaker box with UL label on it not the homemade chessy stuff.

Merci, Marc

AFCI’s are only required on homes built after January 2002. What year is this house?

It appears that there are three(3) neutrals and gec’s tied together under three different breakers. Am I right?

Also, the double lugging of neutrals, as already mentioned.

Too much sheathing on the sheathed cable in the panel…


Those jackets are purposely inserted onto the branch wire and used to identify the branch location. I don’t have a problem with those.

No, David, the other ones on the left side, white romex, going from top to bottom…at least that’s what they look like to me.

I’m with ya on the other ones.

Ohhh…Ok. I see em.

Good call.

This is not a violation though.

The only thing I see is the EXTREMELY dangerous generator backfeed breaker.

I think this is yet ANOTHER thread started by a certain someone to perpetuate the topic of terminating grounded conductors.
I guess the other six or seven threads (and counting) on this topic in the past few days were not enough.

For reference you can go here:


You mean me no doubt, you have a problem with that and want me to shut up?

I call for NACH TV to alllow me, or any other expert to sit and be interviewed and discuss the issues we face daily.

Peter or Speedy start by being less critical and start by discussing some of the issues.

How about this, let’s see your vitae or resume first so we can see when you got started and what areas you are most proficient in.

I am best when I meet someone face to face instead of behind the keyboard.

I think we do not need to Belittle each other, **all **have made many great posts.
Some posts do tend to get a little long and add information that is not really required by Home Inspectors .
HIs are generalists and they are not required to dissect each concern .
If its needs repair we write it up and move on .
Our time on the Job is limited and if we spend too much time in one area then another area could suffer.


Joe,Thank you for the red box and the interesting, yet profane, comment you left me. Sorry, but I can assure you we will never meet. I know the real you and that’s enough for me.I hope you are ok with this. I know it is a hard concept for you to grasp, but the whole world does not have to love and agree with you.

So Sorry to hear this I sure wish these things did not Happen.
Please Do not let this interfeer with your posts ,many are extremly helpfull .

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