Electrical device ...please help. pic included

Anybody know what this is?



Remote for…satelite dish?


Looks like a control for low voltage system,

Just a guess

or maybe

:mrgreen: OK, works for me, but on off what?

Did someone ask the owner/seller?:slight_smile:

Was there a security system? I would say a panic buttton but two would be a little paranoid!!!

Which room was it in? Looks like call system for nurse, maid or whatever.

I have some similar, wife can ring a bell in my workshop when dinners ready etc.

It’s an elevator control button. Up and down!

LEO (Low Earth Orbit) written on back. :slight_smile:

Your rang, master?


hey, thats the waitress at the chicken fried steak place in Hickory Grove SC !

I’ll take this reply anytime for anything…thanks

Joe, I don’t think that’s it. If it were, the buttons would have been worn down to a nub. :mrgreen:

MMMM chicken fried steak in SC…thats good

We had one just like it in our house when we moved in. It was connected to a security system which was later converted to a “I’ve fallen and can’t get up system”


What I would give to be assigned THAT inspection…:wink:

Some sort of communication button.

If someone falls and can’t get up, how are they going to reach those buttons?

The button you are referring to was a necklace that senior citizens wore around their neck.

Thats an alarm panic button. One has to push both buttons at the same time for the alarm to trigger.