Electrical ductwork

Anyone know what this is? It is in a crawlspace and all I think it could be is sensors for the humidifier. But I am not sure.

Is the Romex 110 and did you open the Junction box would be my question.Also is that a return?

I am assuming it is 110 by the romex and I did not open it. I wonder if it is a booster fan?

Probably your best guess without labels on the inserted device. May also be an inline duct heater.

Booster fan would be my guess, too.

Damper control unit?

My vote Booster fan

Hmmm booster fan seems to be the rage here but why does it need one?
Mike is this a extra long vent system?

I in agreement with the booster fan, or damper theory. As it looks like a retro-fit, Im leaning towards the booster fan. How many feet (approx) was this from the furnace?
Seeing it installed with Duct tape doesn’t inspire any confidence.

I would say a booster fan, Sensors would not use such a heavy wire

Very common to see when the contractor screwed up the duct system to many drops on one run or some such thing will end up with a hot/cold room then comes the booster fan

For that cold den in back.:slight_smile:

booster fan, also recommend insulating all ducts and save money on heat,:slight_smile: not so many cold rooms:p