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I hereby recommend that Greg Fretwell be given full complementary Member Status. He continues to add accurate opinions to the many questions asked here concerning electrical installations and inspections, and asks for nothing in return.

I am sure many will agree. I vote yes!

I too like Gregs post’s but why should he be treated any different then any others who help many.

Roy Cooke

I agree with Roy. I don’t want anything special but thank you Joe for your support.
If I do get involved in the HI process I will buy my own membership

Greg: I was thinking more about the comments concerning expert opinions made here on the open board and where you should have access to “Members Only” this was my intention.

It is interesting reading, and I thought about your contributions and always wanting to help with what I call “expert” opinions.

Here is the list of your posts.

Find all posts by Greg Fretwell

I was surprised that even non-members can vote in polls too, those hiding behind a nickname and afraid to disclose who they really are, and not really understanding that Free Memberships are granted by Nick.

Greg: You belong in that category too!

Greg, as per Joe’s request I will personally pay NACHI for you to join. Email me for instructions gromicko@msn.com

I would love to have professionals in every field contribute to this board.
The value of expert/ professional experience and first hand knowledge with the many components, materials cannot be discounted.

The professionals have first hand experience and knowledge of materials, systems, installation and operations of many of the parts of the homes we inspect.

Is this possible? Can it happen? Would the pro’s take the heavy questions and challenges posed to them by some “know it alls”?

Knowledge is power so lets be very dangerous…:wink:

Nothing worse then look’in like a ig-no-ram-ic i-id-i-ot in front of a client…:smiley:

I is a home Inspektor…:D:D:D

Patrick: I hear you, and I imagine that NACHI has these people in place and that they are contributing there expertise on occasion. I am aware of many including yours truly who spends a great deal of time here in the areas in my experience.

I would like to hear from the education committee and discuss the process. Do they review all NACHI training materials and presenters, or are they not concerned?

I used to post here quite a bit and as a courtesy Nick hooked me up with a membership. I thought that was nice of him. It allowed me to post (help) in the member only areas.:cool:

Things have changed and I no longer have time to contribute here as I used to, that being the case my membership has quite understandably expired.

I thank Nick for the membership and hope that I was able to help out here in return.:slight_smile:

Greg would be a fine person to get this ‘courtesy membership’, that is assuming he wants it.

Hey Bob. I didn’t know you came here as well.
Good to see you.

While I was reading the previous posts a thought struck me (it only hurt a little), since I see post here from some of the same people (Bob, Joe, Pierre) that I see in other forums, mainly electrical, would it not be possible to link the forums so that HIs could get “expert” advice from the other forums and vice versa? By the way, I post as SteveMc in the ohter forums.

Sure good idea,


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Another real good one.

Can’t you JUST feel all the LOVE in the room…:slight_smile:

lol…I go by different names in the electrical message boards I frequent…lol…Radiopet, ElectricalMan and so on…lol…keeps it interesting…tehhehe

Paul, where does “radiopet” come from?
Are you into ham, CB, am/fm? Or am I off base?

Greg Fretwell now you have to take all those on line courses and do the CE

Welcome aboard