Electrical for home inspectors course in Columbus, Ohio on April 28, 2007.


I will certainly be there> It will be nice to chat with you in person Paul.
I’m glad you’re coming to Ohio!
Look forward to meeting you & learning from you as well.

does this count toward State needed CEU’s? I need to have 16 per year for WV licesning. Just wondered.
How many would this seminar be?

Thanks again!

Not sure if it is State CEU certified…contact Tom Raush on that as he is submitting many of them…I am sure my class exceeds what they would require but I think it is a paperwork thing…Tom would know.

Visit him at www.nachice.com

Quite a complicated process…Tom is doing a WONDERFUL job getting it done but their are so many places and so little time so it is a constant work in progress. I have sent them an e-mail to see what their process is to see what I am able to do as well.

The governing body of WV HI is WV State Fire Marshal’s office.
The person there to deal with is:

Anthony W. Carrico
Deputy State Fire Marshal
West Virginia State Fire Marshal’s Office
([size=1]304) 558-2191[/size]

Information sent…so you are in OH…how come you have to license in WVA?..does OHIO not have the CEU requirements?

EDIT: I see why…OHIO has no licensing…I got it now…:slight_smile:

yea, no OH laws - yet. But i’m right on the boarder with WV.
I literally am 10 minutes from WV and have many inspections there.
And those HI laws just passed in Aug. 06. So, still very new.

Ahh…cool…we will see what we can do as I may want to do some Electrical Classes in the good ole’ State of WV…from my end into WVA as I am only 20 minutes from WVA…not much inspection going on as they are lucky to even HAVE a house on this end of the state.

yea, i’m working with some WV inspectors that i’m sure would be interested.

we look forward to the april seminar.
the only way it could be better…was if it was sooner! :slight_smile:

Well…as an Exclusive to NICK and NACHI…you have my number when ever you need it.

Just start out by saying you are a NACHI member otherwise I may hang up…:wink:

Thanks for your time Paul. It is much appreciated.