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Hello All,

 The new layout looks nice....hope all the threads from the old board makes it over here to the new one. If not I am sure we will build a whole new array of electrical topics.

Paul W. Abernathy,Master Electrician
Electrical Service Specialists
Electrical Consultant
NEC Consultant
NACHI Accredited Inspector

Curse you Paul I wanted to be the first.:smiley:

Bob…I sat up all NIGHT waiting to be FIRST…thehehe…NOT


Too many buttons to play with, I have to learn things all over again.:roll:

Just kidding, it is all good.:cool:

Yep…kinda like the message board I have for one of my other companies. Anyway, I do like it.

Also in case anyone wants to know the older topics on the older message board are still available in the archieves section of this general area.

Well let’s get the party started. . .

I hear ya JEFF…breathes second life to an archive of photos that can now be re-posted…lol

Happy New Year all.:wink: :cool: at least now my signatur smileys are next to each other.:wink: :cool: