Electrical fuse issue

I received this question from a home owner during a inspection on a fuse box. They have a fuse that keeps going off, but when unscrewed and reinstalled power is restored. This even happens when a new fuse has been installed. I recommended finding a electrician, but I would like to know what’s going on. Thank for any info

Ask the electrician after he fixes it.

Agree, likely a bad fuse socket but definitely could be a short at the soldered connection.
Let the electrician take over as you have done your duty. I understand that you would like to know what the deal was and likely the realtor or owner will let you know

I’m sure you should…

…I mean “would”.

Sounds like a short.

I know, I know, DUH.

Time for a new panel.

Does anyone other than myself feel like there’s a bunch of strange question passing the board nowadays?


No, it’s always been this way, which IMO is a good thing. Ask M. Meeker. :wink:

Better to ask than to guess.

Roy, you are correct or there is a new graduating class from the Forrest Gump School of Home Inspection…