Electrical Hazards from Mexico

As promised, here are some pictures of what I see far too often in Mexico.

Thanks for the education loved it …Cookie
Like that free hydro even if it was only one leg .

…and a few more!

Nice pics. . .

…and the last batch!!

So glad to see it looks like some do have meters I wonder what % pay for their electricity.

…and this is the guy that was in contact with this light switch last.

Thanks Jeff!!

It was sad to see some potential dangers within reach of children.


These pictures were taken in a small town in Mexico called Taxco. It is a wealthy town known for it’s silver jewelery, yet I have seen many not hooked up to meters especially in the central market!!

Many of those picture look all too familar . . . my last visit to Mexico last November (sorry, no pictures) I couldn’t help but notice many meters would stick out into the walkway as well. If you weren’t careful walking the sideways you would/could crash into several within a few hundred feet, plus the sidewalks were uneven, etc.
Thanks for the pics!

One leg ees good, two leg ees blowin’ de lights out! :cool:

If anyone needs to use these photos for whatever purpose they have my permission to use them as they please. Only one condition,they must be a NACHI member in good standing!!