Electrical Inspection Videos, by Joe Tedesco

http://www.nachi.tv/screenshots/video55.jpg Electrical Inspection Volume 3

NACHI.TV’s Nick Gromicko has the old NACHI.TV building inspected by Joe Tedesco, a NEC trainer. They discover and explain dozens of electrical defects.
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http://www.nachi.tv/screenshots/video54.jpg Electrical Inspection Volume 2

NACHI.TV’s Nick Gromicko asks Joe Tedesco, a NEC trainer, to inspect the old NACHI.TV office’s electrical panel. Over two dozen defects are discovered.
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http://www.nachi.tv/screenshots/video53.jpg Electrical Inspection Volume 1

NACHI.TV’s Nick Gromicko interviews Joe Tedesco, a NEC trainer. Tedesco demonstrates electrical inspection techniques, inspection tools and gadgets, and how to recognize defects.
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