Electrical Inspector (posted by Marjorie A. Hoppas)

[ASKNACHI]This question was posted on AskNACHI.org by Marjorie A. Hoppas (from Vero Beach, FL). [/ASKNACHI]My husband is retired and has his Master’s Journeyman Electrical License., how can he become an electrical inspector?

By convincing a state, county or municipality to hire him. This is not a “work for yourself” kind of job. ICC Certification will certainly help.

Maybe call the AHJ or Building and Safety department for your area and ask their requirements?

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PS… your husband probably knows an inspector or two for some guidance for the locality he worked in?

I would suggest he visit www.governmentjobs.com and look to see if their are any openings near him. As for local hiring, I have to say they dont come open very often unless someone retires or takes a position somewhere else for better pay.

I would suggest that while he awaits the looking…go ahead and obtain ICC One-Two Family Dwellings Electrical Inspector and ICC Commerical Electrical Inspector and go ahead and take the ICC Electrical Plans Examiner exam as well…once they are under his belt he will be ahead of the game.

Also he can check out www.iccsafe.org for openings as well.