electrical knowledge

This should help explain alot:D

That is the best explanation of a retro-entabulator that I have ever heard.

On what planet?

ok…you ready for this…that video had terms SO FAR over my head I got a headache watching it…glad I did not get a degree in Electrical Engineering as code fills my head up enough…no room for wild theories…yikes…

Now you know how some clients fell when you are explaining some defect that you foundhttp://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/4/4_12_3.gif

This link not only explains the retro-entabulator, but explain show to correct it.

Funny take, how do they do it with a straight face

Dude…again I am SOOOO glad I stuck with NEC Code.:slight_smile:

I think that fired my brain. My intelligence level is actually lower than when I started watching it.