Electrical Load Calculation

Since you brought it up, a link should be offered… http://www.nachi.org/forum/f11/inspection-question-85090/

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Wait for some of our resident experts to chime in before you take that to the bank. They will likely have much better information.

That’s the problem. You are closed minded to those you have issue with.

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I found it interesting that Juan had to start another thread just to accept the opinion already offered in the other thread, without waiting for benefit of further input from others.

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Dang. I guess I made another message board mistake. Thanks for keeping me honest Jeff.

There is a good talk about Load Calculations in the book talked about in this thread :slight_smile:


Normally, as Jeff has stated, it is done at the design phase before construction is begun. This is typical of both new construction and renovation projects.

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Sometimes it’s good to start another thread just to get your question separated from all the useless and unrelated-to-the-topic posts.(Like my post in this thread for example) :smiley:

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I have a load calculation form in excel, if you wan tit.
Just e mail me@ ev@magnuminspections.com

You do this on a home inspection?

I only did load calculations when in the back up generator industry. Why would a Home Inspector ever need to do a load calculation anyway, except for the obvious.

I inspected a 1500 sq ft home not long ago, where the old fuse box had obviously been replaced by a breaker box. It contained 5 total circuits. No calculation necessary…

That doesn’t sound like a design or rehab/reno event to me. Why the load calc when installing a generator back-up system?

to properly size the back up power needed. Some wanted full electrical capability, some only partial. Most telephone offices were only back up for the batteries that operated their equipment, and a few lights. Others wanted entire building, un-interrupted, and many homeowner customers were the same.

One thing was always consistent. The partial people ALWAYS called back wanting to add more load to the generator…

No, just offering the form.

Thanks for the info.