Electrical Minds...lol.....

Hey Guys…

 Here is a picture of ME and Mr. Decker....lol.....can you tell we had a few drinks....lol

 This was at the Ohio Chapter Session.....Enjoy


Mor like a few dozen, Paul. :mrgreen:

Oh yes…the Spirits were FLOWING…lol…in many ways…:wink:

I was the designated driver at that meeting.

I was drinking TEA!

lol…YEAH…I hear ya JOE…Spiked Tea…:slight_smile:

Hey Joe…I got me a HP Pocket PC last week…a local inspector ( friend ) officially called me a NEC NERD…he calls me when he has a issue and needs a second opinion…and he called me yesterday and I said…wait I have the NEC on my PPC…2002 and 2005…lol…as well as changes from 1999 to 2002…

He paused for a second and then said…ONLY you paul would have it all on your pocket PC…then proceeded to laugh and call me a NEC NERD…

Friends for ya…then I thought…$100.00 bucks says Joe has it on Pocket PC also…lol

OK, just a few. I had to leave at 4 am for my flight home so after the “tea party” I went to bed but did not sleep because it was already 3 am!

Yes Paul, I have the NEC on all of my toys.

With a 2GB SD Card I have lots of room.

Yes…I took your advice and got the 2GB SD Card as well…:slight_smile:

What a bunch of scary guys !!:D:D:D

Arching and sparking… Drink’in n think’in…Discussing and fussing… hmmmm;-)

With such a heavy load of complicated codes,
ye must ask: “Are we home inspectors ,
using our complete brain electrical nodes?”.

Now when we’re asked to inspect the house in question,
all we can do for our client is make a suggestion.

The violation and hazards are scary and maybe in error,
but sitting in front of the judge, lawyer and client is shear terror!!

With this I say be careful, so your not in front of the judge for an arraignment,
You just want your client to be happy and receive your…PAYMENT…:D:D:D

My Goomba-ometer is pegged.:smiley:

lol…what the HECK is a Goomba-ometer…lol…afraid to ask actually…

It measures the power of Goomba’s.:stuck_out_tongue:

ok…again afraid to ask…whats a Goomba…?

A goomba is a certain kind of Italian-American, probably born on the east coast- New York, New Jersey, Boston, Rhode Island - probably third-generation from the old country. He’s not a gangster. He’s not a wise guy, or a made man, or a good fella, or a member of the Family - but he knows those guys, or guys like that, and some of them know him. He’s Italian through and through, but he’s a special kind of Italian-American hybrid. He’s not old country Italian. There are no goombas in other countries, even Italy. There may be some kind of equivalent- some kind of tough guy from Iceland or Russia or somewhere - but the only true goomba is your Italian-American goomba.

You know the stereotype. It’s the fat guy sitting at the corner social club, drinking espresso and playing cards and eating a big plate of soggy macaroni. He’s got his napkin tucked into his collar. He’s wearing a pair of baggy black pants, a pair of patent leather shoes, and one of those guinea shirts, the sleeveless T-shirts that some guys use as underwear. He has nine gold chains hanging from his neck. He’s got pinky rings on all three pinkies. The look on his face says “Moron.” This guy doesn’t have a job, or maybe he’s a petty criminal of some kind, because that’s the only work he’s smart enough to do. He’s almost mobbed up. The only exercise he ever gets is maybe lifting some weights and hoisting that fork full of macaroni. If he talks, he only says something like, “What are you looking at?”

That’s the cliché. And like every cliché, it’s partly right. but I myself am not a goomba - and I’m not any of that stuff. I’m a college graduate. I know how to read a book. I don’t sit around all day playing cards and sucking garlic. I don’t beat my wife. I’ve never been in jail. I don’t play the ponies or the nubmers. I have never taken out a contract on anyone.

Some Italians take offense if you call them a goomba. Especially if you say it the wrong way. It’s kind of like how a black guy can use the “N” word to another black guy. Or how a black guy can call his friend “blood.” Or how a certain kind of hillbilly can call someone a “redneck,” or how a guy from the Midwest can call someone an “Okie.” You say it with a smile, you might get a laugh. You say it any other way, or you say it and you’re not an Okie or a redneck yourself. . . you’re gonna get your clock cleaned.

The word “goomba” itself is a little confusing. No one knows where it really comes from. Most people think it started off as the word “compadre,” which is a term of respect. You can use it to refer to your godfather, your protector, your older cousin or older brother or uncle. From “compadre,” it got shortened to “compa,” which got twisted into “gomba,” which got turned into “goomba.”

If this sounds a little far fetched, you should know right now that goombas do that with words. Everything gets chopped up, chopped down and turned into a slang version of the original word. No goomba says “pasta e fagioli” when he means a soup made of noodles and beans. He says, “pasta fazool.” No goomba says “mozzarella.” It’s always, “mozza-rell.” No one says “proscuitto.” It’s just, “pro-shoot.” Even English words get the treatment. No one says “one hundred dollars,” when they mean $100. They may say, a c-note or “a hundge.” As in, “I gave the guy a c-note,” or, “This guys into me for two hundge.” Even the word “wop” is supposed to be a short version of the Italian word “guapo,” which means “handome.” It started as a compliment, but it got turned into an insult. Some people even said wop stands for without papers, a reference to their recent immigrant status.

That has almost happened with the word “goomba.” When used by non-goombas, it can be a derogatory word. Along with some of those other derogatory words that ignorant people sometimes use to describe the goomba.

Goomba is not “wop.” It’s not “guinea.” It’s not “dago.” These terms are always offensive to an Italian-American, whether he’s a goomba or not. They are words used by non-Italians to insult Italians. It is not smart to do this. You shouldn’t use these words around a goomba unless you are a masochist and have excellent health insurance. Somebody’s gonna get hurt, and it ain’t gonna be the goomba.

Better stick to “goomba,” and better use it the right way.

Edited : See Brian…I posted that article because I had NO idea what a GOOMBA was…but man…that sounds like the life…I can do the PASTA eating part with no problem…I dont really wear necklaces…but I can start…HECK…if they give me a spot on Sopranos I can act like a goomba anytime…:slight_smile: The BOLD part I changed…:slight_smile:

I got your GOOMBA right herer fella…:slight_smile:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :roll:

hell…I am not even Italian…:slight_smile:

But I am connected…:slight_smile:

Ya…2GB worth…right? :smiley:

From what I remember,;), that was quite a night. That tea from Long Island is some sorta tea! :slight_smile: Gotta watch out for it. Those OH guys know how to host a meeting. It was fun, but my head still hurts! :roll:

lol…yeah my head hurts as well…and we were not the ones to FALL…:wink:

no wait…maybe I am a Goomba…I am connected with the Electrical Mob…Me, Will, Joe, Jeff, Gerry, Greg, Bob, Mike and countless others…

Watch out Brian…we may put a HIT on ya…:slight_smile: