Electrical nightmare

Today’s inspection was a duplex, 60 amps for each unit on fuses with a 30 amp federal pacific circuit foe a dryer.

One outlet per room, all overloaded with multi outlet strips.

2nd floor tenant cut off the plug to the dryer and connected it to the back of the electric stove.

None of the GFIs worked, all non grounded. Inserted my outlet tester in the GFI near the kitchen sink and it arched and smoke came out of the outlet. Luckily nothing happened, or should I say something should have like blow the fuse or trip the GFI.

One wire over heated at fuse box.

almost feel like I should notify the city officials because this place is dangerous.

Any feed back is appreciated.

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Obviously the new trend in rotissori cooking.:slight_smile:


rather than me go into all the potential issues I see from the items you stated to in minor ssues of improper termination of EGC’s and so on to the more hazardous things you have listed…i think it would be BEST for you to simply make sure you cover yourself in your report with all the potential issues you have noted and then to IN BOLD PRINT defer this to a Licensed and Insured Electrical Contractor to correct the known issues and to give the system a good look over for possibly what you DONT see.

When I find someting like that I refer to a line in the agreement…

“…but not necessarily all explicit component conditions if they should be plentiful.”

Then the report has pictures of the system and the statement…

The electrical system had many unsafe and questionable conditions; too many to cover and explain in this report.

Thanks; That’s just what I did, it was obvious to everyone there, even the realtor that there was some serious issue’s that needed to be addressed.

I totally agree with the other inspectors, the liability needs to be moved away from you, and referred to a licensed electrician.