Electrical only inspection

I have an agent asking for me to perform just an electrical inspection on a mobile home. Is there an agreement out there that would cover just one element of the inspection? I couldn’t find anything. The other question, Is this something that anyone has done? If so, what would one charge for this?

Refer them to an electrician!
Why the heck are they calling you anyway?
Bunch of cheap arses.
Gonna be a mistake if you take it!
Do you know what this is, and how to inspect it, and everything related to it?


JJ’s on it, that’s an electrician’s job. They want a specialist inspection, you are a generalist.


Ancillary inspection. Electrical.
Do InterNACHI electrical SOP.
Charge accordingly.

Internachi SOP is for Home Inspections, that IS NOT what they want!

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I agree with JJ and Robert. Whenever I get a request for ‘just a roof’ or just HVAC, tell them to go to the source.
If you find a problem, they are going to be doing that anyways after you recommend it!


Yeah, I hate partial inspections and generally don’t do them. The problem is you have to go to all the same places to see all the accessible/visible portions of the system. Once you do that you might as well be doing (and getting paid) for a full inspection. Then, there’s all the related things - The garbage disposal, furnace and many other things operate on electricity. So, are you then expected to inspect and report on those things? What if you’re in a crawl space and find a massive termite infestation or structural problem? Or, in the attic and find a huge mold issue? You’ll be accused later of being negligent for not mentioning these things given your training and expertise. Run Forest, run!

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That’s an easy cure, charge accordingly :+1:

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Yeah, something tells me someone buying a manufactured home looking for a partial inspection doesn’t appreciate the value of our services :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Where are you located? I do these frequently but that is a locality thing.

Sounds like the agent knows there are electrical problems but does not want the deal to be killed by an in depth evaluation by a licensed electrical contractor. I would take a pass on this one.

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Yea, but you also have a few (?) decades on the OP, experience wise.

Are you saying I’m old? ARE YOU SAYING I’M OLD?? Damn you’re right I am old!! :rofl: :rofl:

I really do wish INACHI would put the persons location automatically so we can see where they are. It can make a big difference in answers.

Here in my neck of the woods for areas without AHJ’s the power providers have been requiring an independent inspection of the service entrance equipment and immediate connections (sub-panel inside) before they will release electric to the structure. They even require an inspection for T-Poles during construction. I do quite a few of both of these for the Counties around here.

Even though they are only looking at the service equipment and immediate connections I do a cursory inspection of the structure as well to see overall quality of the electrical installation. It doesn’t take much looking to see if work was performed by an amateur electrician (Harry Homeowner) If it is questionable I do note that in the report. At that point it is the power companies choice if they release electric.

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