Electrical panel configuration

First time seeing this type of setup…anyone familiar with what, why and possible implications?

It’s a split-bus panel, most implications (if any) are that of modern, none split bus panel. Split bus panels lack a main disconnect and when served as a service panel you need to make sure it complies with the 6 throw rule.

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Yup Simon has it. A split bus panel.

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Yup… split bus but that jumper should go up or down and around, not across.



Thank you much for your help!
…and that’s typically the way we see the feed for the main breaker at the bottom bus, as it appears they seem to be welded to the top bus?
Is there any particular reason/advantage for the split bus configuration?

Just the way this one was designed, the bottom is backfed via its upper left 60amp breaker. Note, I don’t believe the very top left 2 individual 20amp breakers are allowed to be single pole, but I cannot see the diagram to be 100% certain.

Only advatange for these panels I know of is they were less expensive than a single main disconnect panels.

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