Electrical Panel Identification

Can anyone Identify the manufacture of this panel? No Mfg. label or stamping located any where within the panel or the exterior.

Main breaker Mfg. is “Unicorn Industries”


I 2nd Zinsco as well. No mistaking them.

What are the identifying characteristics?

Thanks Brad & Jay, This is the first Zinsco for me. What do you guy’s write up for Zinsco Panels, anything besides any defects?

I ran across this…

I too viewed this thread.

Many threads on Zinsco and Sylvania panels. In FL, it’s nearly impossible to get home insurance with one these panels, as is with FPE Stab-Lok.

The breakers, and the way they are attached. There is no brand similar.

As you gain experience, you’ll instantly recognize them.

Does it look like a friend to me that you have it complicated, into that which is your idea to change everything?

I’m sorry. I’m not following you. Can you explain your concern/statement again so that I/we may understand what you are saying more clearly? Thanks. :slight_smile:

How many long, skinny, colored breakers, like that, do you see on a normal basis?

I think he wandered into this forum on accident, maybe redirected from the Sigmund Freud psychology forum?? :mrgreen:

Oh NO! It’s a Stab-Lok! You need to run away now, or get one of these!